How To Pronounce Gyro

The word ‘gyro’ is typically pronounced with a long ‘i’ sound, as in “high”.

How To Pronounce Gyro

Gyro is a Greek word that is typically used to describe a sandwich or dish that is made with lamb, beef, chicken, or pork that is roasted on a spit. The word gyro is pronounced “yee-roh.”

-Gyro meat -Pita bread -Lettuce -Tomato -Onion -Feta cheese -Tzatziki sauce

  • The “y” is like the “y” in “yes.” the
  • The “g” is hard, as in “gift.”
  • To pronounce gyro, say “jigh
  • Roh.”

The gyro is a Greek sandwich that is typically made with lamb or beef. The name of the sandwich is derived from the Greek word for “turning” or “spinning”. The sandwich is commonly pronounced with a hard “g”, as in “guy-ro”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pronounce Gyro In America?

In America, gyro is typically pronounced ‘gee-roh’.

How Is Gyro Pronounced In Ny?

The pronunciation of gyro in NY is typically ji-roh.

Is Gyro Pronounced Like Euro?

No, the ‘g’ in gyro is pronounced like the ‘g’ in ‘guy’.

Is Gyro Pronounced Or Hero?

Gyro is pronounced “YEE-roe” while Hero is pronounced “HARE-oh”.

Is It Pronounced Gyro Or Euro?

Gyro is the correct pronunciation.

How Is Gyro Actually Pronounced?

The word “gyro” is pronounced like “ji-roh.”

Is The G Pronounced In Gyro?

The G in gyro is pronounced.

How Do You Pronounce Gyro In New York?

In New York, gyro is pronounced with a long “i” sound, as in “high”.

Why Is Gyro Pronounced Differently?

The word “gyro” is actually derived from the Greek word “gryo,” which means “to turn.” In English, the word is typically pronounced with a hard “G” sound, as in “grip.” However, in Greek, the word is pronounced with a soft “G” sound, as in “jello.”

Is Gyro Pronounced Gyro Or Gyro?

The correct pronunciation of gyro is gyro.

Do You Pronounce The G In Gyros?

The g in gyros is pronounced.


Gyro is pronounced “JI-roh.”

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